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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Tuesday, February 4, 2003
* busy day...

We hit the road running at about 9 am this morning and didn't get back in the door until almost 5pm. Just one of those days where one errand runs into another. Nothing exciting.

I had Yoga early and Mama had some exercise class at the Senior Center. Then a hair appt, back to pick up Mama, lunch at McDonald's (yes, I know ... but Mama likes McDonald's? Who can figure? Guess I had enough of McDonald's when the kids were little.)

Anyway, then it was the Post Office, Mama's doctor's appt., Tuesday Morning (yeh, Tuesday Morning on Tuesday afternoon? ha!), then the grocery for a prescription, then home in time to throw something together for supper and ...

in a minute I'll plop myself down in front of the TV and work on my book illustrations as the evening sitcoms progress.

Later: (Wed. am)

Watched 2 shows last night then took off to bed, read a minute (literally a minute) and fell asleep.

Today I've got a few more errands to get out of the way as oldest son is driving in tomorrow with grandson for a few days... and youngest son is preparing to go off on his research expedition for a few weeks. With any luck we should all be able to get together Thursday or Friday night...

Going to shut down for now on this note: Rose got to go outside in the back yard this past weekend with DH. She was so happy. But we've noticed that she also may have become more domesticated staying in all these weeks with her injured leg - as she wants back in the house pretty often. Even yesterday when she ran outside as Mama was going out the back door, she almost immediately ran around and asked to be let back in through the patio door.

Well, if I don't get to write again for a few days, I'll see you at the cove this weekend!


Sunday, February 02, 2003

Sunday, February 2, 2003
* aftermath of tragedy...

I don't know what to say. Outside of recording the loss of the Shuttle on my blog not long after it happened, I haven't been able to think of any words to put down.

This morning I keep telling myself I need to get to Bailey's Cove and journal... but if I journal, I will be compelled to say something...

OK... I think we are all stunned by the horrendous tragedy that occurred yesterday morning. It was so unexpected. My heart and my prayers go out to those brave people and their families. I know that the cause/reason/explanation will be a long time coming (if we are ever really able to discern it). And as important as it is to know for the future safety of shuttle flights, at the moment I find it irrelevant. Seven brave men and women gave their lives for this mission. They knew the dangers and they accepted the risk because they believed in the space program. I honor them for their beliefs and their dedication. Our world is a better place because they lived... and their death is our loss.

The fact that it happened right on top of us here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area says something... but I'm not sure what. When they announced that they had lost tract of the Shuttle over Texas, it was like all eyes were on the sky. Where was it? It couldn't just disappear. My thoughts were, 'surely they just lost communications for a few minutes, contact would resume shortly...' but it didn't.

And as the time passed, everyone knew something was terribly wrong. I prayed. I'm sure many prayed. But it was apparently too late for prayers of safety. My prayers became prayers of comfort... for the dead and for the living.

Then the reports of sightings began coming in. This cinched it. We HAD lost the shuttle and all it's occupants. There were conjectures of the possibility of survivors... but no one really believed that. They were going 12,000 miles an hour for God's sake... But perhaps it gave people hope.

Not much else to say. The world grieves.

My comment on it happening over Texas is not important. It's just that it makes me realize how fast and how close to home tragedy can strike.

I'm going to spend the day reflecting on what a beautiful day it is, despite everything.